How to Install a BMW M-DCT Carbon Fiber Gear Selector

How to Install a BMW M-DCT Carbon Fiber Gear Selector

There is no doubt the BMW F-Chassis M vehicles have one of the most refined interiors among modern-day sports cars. However, we think you can still take it a step further by adding some carbon fiber accessories. One of the most popular is our F8x Freaks F-Chassis M-DCT Carbon Fiber Gear Selector Shifter

Our carbon gear selector is a full replacement part, so removing the OEM gear selector cover is required for installation. Be sure to check out all of our interior and exterior accessories to improve the look of your vehicle. 

Prior to installing we recommend you have the following tools and supplies to ensure proper installation. Of course, we always encourage professional installation if you're comfortable taking apart your vehicle.

** We do not assume any responsibility for any damage you may cause to your vehicle.

-Blue painters tape

-Small plastic pry tool

-Heat gun

-T8 Torx

-3m adhesive tape (INCLUDED)

Step 1.

Taking the blue painters tape, carefully cover the OEM gear selector. This will help prevent scratches or damage to the OEM badge that will need to be removed.

Step 2.

With the heat gun plugged in and on the low heat setting, apply some heat to the area of the badge. This will help warm up the OEM adhesive under the badge making it easier to remove.

*NOTE: Please use caution and do not hold the heat gun too close to the plastic, as you can melt it if you are to close. If you do not have a heat gun you can improvise and use a hair dryer.

Step 3.

Now with the heat applied, take your plastic pry tool and begin to slowly pry up on the bottom of the badge. You will want to take your time on this step. If you’re having trouble lifting the badge go back to step 2 and apply a little more heat.

* NOTE: Under no circumstances should you use a metal flathead screwdriver or metal picks set. If you damage the badge you can not purchase a replacement from BMW as they’re not sold separately.

Step 4.

With the badge removed you can now proceed to remove the OEM gear selector trim cover by removing the T8 Torx screw.

Step 5.

You can now remove the trim cover from the gear selector.

* NOTE: You will need to unplug the small Molex connector from the led indicator panel attached to the trim. The led indicator panel will need to be removed from the OEM trim cover and used in step 6.

Step 6.

Taking the led indicator panel from step 5, install it on the new F8x Freaks Carbon Fiber Gear Selector trim cover. Now, you can plug back in the Molex connector and secure the new carbon trim cover with the T8 Torx from step 4.

Step 7.

Taking the INCLUDED 3m double-sided tape, apply it on the bottom side of the outer edge of the badge removed in Step 3.

* NOTE: Be sure to clean the surface of the badge and the carbon fiber trim cover with rubbing alcohol prior to applying the 3m tape.

Step 8.

Peel back red liner from the 3m adhesive tape and reinstall the badge back into place.

* Pro Tip: Slightly heat up the tape so it becomes tacky before reinstalling.

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