Three BMW S55 M3 and M4 Upgrades That Will Immediately Improve Reliability and Performance

Three BMW S55 M3 and M4 Upgrades That Will Immediately Improve Reliability and Performance

So you just bought a beautiful BMW F80, F82 or F83. From the factory, these vehicles have been proven to deliver exceptional power and balance. With just a simple tire upgrade your M3 or M4 is already good to go for its first track day; however, if you are someone who wants to get a bit more growl out of your M3 or M4 and you want to begin to add more boost and power, these are three products you should look into right away.

Upgrade your downpipes

A full cat-back exhaust system can run you $3000-4,000 on this generation. So one great way to upgrade your exhaust without having to replace the entire system is by upgrading your downpipes with a new one like our 3” stainless steel catless downpipes. Our downpipes are made from 2.0mm thick 304 stainless steel and are engineered to eliminate the restrictive characteristics of the factory downpipes and therefore increasing performance. Perhaps the most noticeable thing about our downpipes compared to most of the competition is the use of flex joints. While most catless downpipes on the market will increase performance, without the use of flex joints you are often left with annoying vibration from within the cabin. This bolt-on upgrade will improve both the performance and the overall sound of your vehicle, without making your ride too drony for your everyday commute.

It is important to note that whenever you are making upgrades like this to your vehicle, you should also do an aftermarket tune like the boostmod3 from Protuning Freaks. Not only will the tune further improve the performance of your vehicle, but it will also allow you to rid your car of any check engine lights that may occur when upgrading components like the exhaust system.

Upgrade your charge pipes

Another component many people fail to upgrade is their charge pipes. Many people that start to tune their car and add boost and power will upgrade things like the exhaust, intake, fuel pump, and injectors, but they don’t upgrade their charge pipes. The factory charge pipes were built to handle the stock power and boost. When you start to pump those numbers up, factory components like those will fail. The factory charge pipes are made of weak plastic and they can handle factory power, but not much more. Our charge pipes are constructed of reinforced, 5 layer silicone, and are capable of withstanding extreme boost levels. The increased piping size and shape helps to reduce turbulence and maximize airflow into the engine.

These are the perfect option for anyone looking to make upgrades whether your M3 or M4 is already modded or if you are looking to future proof your vehicle. Either way a charge pipe upgrade will improve long term reliability and longevity of your M vehicle.

J-Pipe upgrade

Another component that is quick to fail when you start adding more power is the J-Pipe for the throttle body. The factory cold side charge pipe is made from weak plastic that is prone to failure. A higher-quality aluminum charge pipe like ours with smooth bends helps to reduce turbulence and maximize airflow while improving throttle response and turbo lag. The F8x Freaks J Pipe Throttle Body Elbow Kit also gives you so much more flexibility than the factory components or our aftermarket competitors. We provide three 1/8" bungs for the use of meth, water, or nitrous injection. Most of our competitors provide only one. We also include all of the hardware, clips, and O rings you will need to properly install it on your vehicle.

When you start to add more boost and power to your BMW make sure to upgrade these three necessary components as well. Upgrading just these three components will help improve the overall sound, reliability, and performance of your motor. For more awesome products like these, visit our website and also be sure to check out all of our interior and exterior accessories as well to improve the looks of your vehicle as well.


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